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brongga's Journal

11 April
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though despite my further growth and maturity still remains "you really cannot categorize me".. well, here goes somewhat i figured out - im quite knowledgable in random things but i also am found deciphering endlessly revealing theres an unfathomingly enormous amount of knowledge yet to be unveiled so who am i to claim oneself knowledgable?! i prefer balance in my life but as human nature dawns i constantly tip from one side to another in the struggle to find such balance in a world of today.. i have a habit of situating myself for a challenge and pushing my limits to achieve but despite accomplishments, still lack confidence in given regions (still learning the ropes to be installed).. im the girl who easily forgets an acquaintance's name but shall offer a helping hand whenever needed.. im the girl who gets picked on coz i can easily brush off friends playful ridicule but cries when they pretend not to show up at my despidida.. im the girl whos mainly quiet when it comes to verbal battering and steers clear, seldomly to speak but when im certain im correct can stab with piercing painful although truthful words.. im the person dear people confide in and so i listen intently but afterwards give my unedited opinion by weighing sides.. im the childish even pathetic girl that has the time of her life playing on a playground giggling with joy as i see the world sway while swinging on a swing but im also the mature person you'll notice taking charge of matters researching thoroughly and sighting options.. im the girl thats independent but needs those presences in her life after every certain span of time.. im the girl who whines like a little brat but will get you a glass of water and try to cook for you.. im the emotional girl you see softly sobbing at the airport but still walks on without turning her back and running for retreat.. parts of who i am but never a summation..